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What is the name of the process for consolidating memories

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It has also been found that memory loss occurs when sleep is deprived on the same night or two nights after material has been learned.Interestingly, memory has been affected only when subjects have been selectively deprived of one of the first two or last two REM episodes of the night.Several studies have shown that the hippocampal theta EEG rhythms assist in transferring information to the neocortex.Furthermore, long term potentiation, a possible mechanism for long term memory storage, is "optimally induced with stimulation at theta frequency".Rats subjected to learning tasks demonstrated increased REM sleep after these tests. In addition, it was found that rats subjected to learning fell into REM sleep faster if they had experienced more trials of the learning activity.A possible explanation of the earlier occurrence of REM sleep may be that as more information is acquired, it becomes more urgent to begin the memory consolidation process (7)."By showing that cellular and autonomic conditioned responses acquired in wakefulness can be expressed in subsequent PS (REM sleep), this set of results suggests that the neuronal networks involved in learning are in a functional state close to that in wakefulness and can be reactivated during PS (REM sleep)."(6) Studies with humans have been in agreement with the animal studies.

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Remembering dreams "...would be the equivalent of keeping a record of manifestations of each night's record keeping.Opponents of this theory often wonder why don't we remember our dreams if dreaming is involved in memory?The answer is that dreaming acts as the short-term unconscious mechanism by which memories may be delivered to the neocortex (5).One of the first theories linking REM sleep to memory was offered in 1966 by Roffwarg, Musio and Dement and suggested that repetitive firing of neurons during REM sleep in human fetuses was associated with neuron growth and development, and this synaptic reinforcement continued in adult life during REM sleep.This landmark concept lead to the theory of dynamic stabilization which speculates that information, both inherited or learned, is remembered by repetitive use of the circuits which store the information (4).By studying patients with retrograde amnesia, it was determined that the "replay" of information in the hippocampus leads to permanent storage of information in the neocortex.