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No discussion was going to fix things, no clarity was to be had – it would have just been an emotional toilet for both of us.

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However, the dog has problems with its knees and struggles to walk, so the pressure is on for Noel Fitzpatrick to restore it back to full health.Plus, an Irish setter has a cancerous tumour in its front leg, and a cat needs its jaw wiring back together after being hit by a car Noel tries to fix a cocker spaniel's leg problems by fitting two bionic back feet, before launching a series of investigations into what is causing a cat to drag its leg.

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Unfortunately despite everyone's best efforts, Bella returned with a problem and Fitzpatrick attempted to salvage the muscle with a membrane fixed directly on her leg muscle, but she relapsed after surgery.

Meanwhile, a couple hope that surgery will save their Rhodesian Ridgeback's leg from a cancerous tumour, and Fitzpatrick Referrals receptionist Natalie's Tibetan terrier becomes unwell A family rush their chihuahua, Darcy, to the clinic after it is hit by a car.

For 18-year-old Ta Journee, who is autistic, the dog is a lifeline, and Noel must use pins, nuts and bolts to reconstruct the broken pieces of its crushed pelvis.

The Surrey based vet had amputated Bella's leg in a bid to alleviate her lingering injuries after she was run over in a farm yard accident a year earlier, but the risky procedure saw the dog develop a life threatening infection, and her family were told there was nothing more to be done.

Viewers watching at home could barely hold it together as they took to social media to share in the family's grief, with one tweeting: 'The saddest #Supervet I have ever seen.