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George said they have rearranged the room in there. George said that he's saying it the way Hispanic people say it. George said only Gringos say it the way Howard says it. Howard asked if he's producing a film about internment camps. Howard said this is another projects about the internment camps. George said that he did do some stuff with someone consensually. He said that there's almost no woman who hasn't come forward with a story about him. am Show opening bits and songs included: A Jason Kaplan ''Quitting Marijuana'' PSA, a movie clip from ''Back to School'' with Sam Kinison and Rodney Dangerfield, a phony phone call to an electric company answering service using Wendy the Slow Adult audio clips, James Brown performing ''Papa's Got a Brand New Bag'' in the Howard Stern Show studio, Evil Dave Letterman announcing they have Billy Corgan coming in today. Howard started the show talking about how excited they are this morning because it's Cocktober and George Takei is there. Howard said that he had a dinner party over the summer and he pronounced guacamole like George told him to and people looked at him like he was insane. He said someone might come to his home and he might give them more than a gentle squeeze. Howard asked if he ever did it to anyone on the set of Star Trek. am Howard said he's following this Harvey Weinstein story and he's not sure how he had time to produce movies.Not everything over there is fully functional yet, and the internal links still point to this blog, and will for the indefinite future.So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.George asked if there's a role in his next picture. Robin said that Harvey and his brother haven't spoken in years. Robin said that now his brother thinks that Harvey is dragging him down with him. Howard and Fred did the guest thing and Fred was playing Ronnie telling him who he'd turn away. Howard spent a little time talking to him about that and about Robert Plant. Sour did his Mad Dog Russo voice singing but then he told a joke and broke into his Jackie the Joke Man voice. Robin said that she doesn't even know what that means. Robin read a story about a 325 pound woman who is changed with killing a 9 year old girl by sitting on her as punishment. Robin said she's been charged with homicide and cruelty to a child. Robin said the 9 year old wasn't able to breathe with her sitting on her. Robin read a story about Jay Z and Beyonce doing a show to raise money for charity to help hurricane victims. Howard said they mentioned Robin in a story about hurricane Ophelia which hit Ireland.

Howard said his wife didn't do it but she looks at the cover wondering if they had to do something with this guy. Howard said the question is if she was doing him at all or was it a marriage of convenience. Robin said they had kids so someone had to do something. am After the break they played another George Takei announce where he asked Brad to turn his radio off and then said he wants to gargle Fred's balls. Howard asked the caller, Jose, if his girl stuck with him. He said the first erection after the surgery was the best. Howard said that's great that they were able to do the surgery and put it back together. Howard had Lee Kingsnatch on the phone to talk about the penis festival. Robin said she has something to go over with Howard. He said that his friend told him a 13 year old was into him and he was introduced to him. Robin read a story about the fallout of the Harvey Weinstein revelation.He said it's really tough to hang in there with it. He said it opens your eyes to the way of doing things. Howard took a call from fake Harvey who was asking Robin about how her slot is and things like that. Robin said the woman who plays Sersi on Game of Thrones allegedly had a run in with Harvey Weinstein where he tried to lure her up to his hotel room.Howard talked to fake Harvey audio clips for a short time. Robin said they had a faulty room key and she got away because of that. Robin read a story about the Weinstein company firing Harvey and he's now resigned from the board. Howard did his impression of Harvey calling in from rehab. He said he knows he doesn't sound like that but it's funnier that way.They had Harvey saying some of the things he said in the press. Robin wondered if the company is going to survive after all of this. Robin said there are people who are asking for their movies back after this. Robin said the company is looking to change its name. Howard kept that up for a few minutes talking about rehab and how he's cured already. Robin read a story about the death toll in Puerto Rico going up to about 450.Howard asked if George has anything to say to Harvey. Harvey said he is starring in the Bill O'Reilly story so that's why he did what he did. Howard said they say that the brother might have turned him in. George said his brother voted against him to get him out of the academy. Fake Harvey was talking to Robin about Sour Shoes called in as Mad Dog Russo talking about Harvey Weinstein. Robin thanked Howard for suggesting The Avengers to her on Netflix. She said she went back and watched Jessica Jones and she liked it after watching it a second time. Robin said two members of congress are asking for an audit of the death toll which was 48.He said George is on a mad tear with this internment camp story stuff. Howard said he thinks that Harvey's numbers are triple or more of Cosby's.