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Then do the simple experiment of drinking about an ounce of blood from a person that has AIDS, and then go get tested for HIV three months later.If you do that experiment, you will test positive for HIV.Yet we continue to search for answers to what causes a headache, because we all know that headaches do exist.Between a combination of the fact that our brains are roughly nothing more than a highly advanced mass of nerves, and that every function is controlled by signals that our brain sends through our nerves to the rest of our bodies, I think that if we could somehow make our nerves send stronger, more efficient signals at a quicker speed it would have a lot of different results.As for regenerating as well, as cuts and bones healing in seconds, you’re on your own.Then again I can’t think of a vampire movie where one re-grew an arm or any other body part.The increased production of red blood corpuscles, allows for quicker coagulation, as well as quicker and deeper breathing.

To them I say make the axons 12-15% wider, resulting in signals being sent much more quickly through the brain.

Normally our autonomic nervous system is in a constant balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic.

The former basically says, prepare for a fight, the latter says, take it easy and relax.

Personally after my change I've been consciously aware of that going on and am wondering if this is the case for other real vampires.

When we are about to fight, the sympathetic takes over and norepinephrine (adrenaline) pours into the blood, causing the circulatory system to be affected.