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Usps online tracking not updating

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Now I'm assuming this has happened more than twice to me, but I notice that in both of these cases the orders were for amounts in the -0 range and so my buyers were very likely more anxious to know where their goods were than somebody who bought something for .

They understandably followed the tracking, after all, that's what it's there for, no?

I suppose many of you know that, but I don't think as many are aware of why I'm going to say it's useless.

First here's what I suspect you think: the tracking offered by the USPS with their Delivery Confirmation service offers no protection to the buyer or seller of the goods unless the package is insured.

Without insurance the USPS doesn't want to talk to you.

I know, I've been told exactly that in phone conversations before. One other common Delivery Confirmation complaint which is the package is delivered.

The USPS isn't scanning their packages nearly as often and by my best guess what has happened with each of my packages confirmed as delivered, but nowhere to be found by the buyer, is that they are scanned when they either arrive at the buyer's local post office or perhaps when they are sorted and loaded onto the truck for delivery that day.

Whatever point it occurs this final scan is coming before actual delivery yet it is stating that the package is not only "Out for Delivery" but "Delivered." If my buyer's mail carrier has a heavy load that day it might not be delivered.

Now I've never worked for nor seen the inside track of any package on a UPS or USPS route so please keep in my mind that what follows is my assumption, but one I feel pretty sure about.

I say and I say it emphatically after these two experiences.

Compare the USPS Delivery Confirmation to UPS tracking.

I post this simply to offer an explanation to buyer and seller alike that all will most likely be well tomorrow.

Sellers if you experience a false Delivery Confirmation please feel free to send your buyer here to read about what likely happened--it might help calm things down and I do like the traffic to my site. I don't want this post to be taken as a complete criticism of the USPS or especially its mail carriers--in fact I absolutely love my own mail carrier.