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In the archaeology of other areas, the term "Epipaleolithic" may be preferred by most authors, or there may be divergences between authors over which term to use or what meaning to assign to each.

Updating dictionary c

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Note that ' Concurrent Dictionary is the one collection class ' that does not support thread-safe enumeration. Private Shared Sub Add Or Update Without Retrieving() ' Sometime later. Also, although all methods of Concurrent Dictionary are thread-safe, not all methods are atomic, specifically Get Or Add and Add Or Update.

Wait All(tasks) ' Enumerate data on main thread. Key) Next Add Or Update Without Retrieving() Retrieve Value Or Add() Retrieve And Update Or Add() Console. Read Key() End Sub ' This method shows how to add key-value pairs to the dictionary ' in scenarios where the key might already exist. ' (Support for multiple keys of the same name is left as an exercise for the reader.) If (ci. However, it is always possible for one thread to retrieve a value, and another thread to immediately update the collection by giving the same key a new value.

provides several convenience methods that make it unnecessary for code to first check whether a key exists before it attempts to add or remove data.

The following table lists these convenience methods and describes when to use them.

3) thread A's user delegate completes, and the thread arrives at the lock, but now sees that the item exists already 4) thread A performs a "Get", and returns the data that was previously added by thread B.

2) thread B calls Get Or Add concurrently, its value Factory delegate is invoked and it arrives at the internal lock before thread A, and so its new key-value pair is added to the dictionary.

Every t seconds, X has to be updated with values from sub dictionary U and 0 set to each value for a key that is not present in new updated U, but was in the previous update. Recent High Temperatures For Each temp In temps Console. Write Line() End Sub ' This method shows how to retrieve a value from the dictionary, ' when you expect that the key/value pair already exists, ' and then possibly update the dictionary with a new value for the key.To change data in a file or database or to upgrade software to a new version.If you decide to download the latest version of an app or program, you update it, and when you add recent information to your resume before starting a job search, you also update that.You might also update your friends about your job hunt, letting them know you're seeking employment — you're giving them the latest information, or an update. (This is done to prevent unknown code from blocking all threads.) Therefore it is possible for this sequence of events to occur: 1) thread A calls Get Or Add, finds no item and creates a new item to Add by invoking the value Factory delegate.