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She is often at odds with Jimmy Five (Cebolinha), but backs him up whenever he gets into trouble. Monica's also very shy to date boys, and she often causes trouble when she tries to talk or impress them.In this Japanese-style comic-manga Monica and her friends are now 15 years old and go to school at Limoeiro High (Lemon Tree High? The very first edition shows a drastic change in Monica and her friends since childhood when they were 7 years old.In the very first strips, Monica appeared as a 4-year-old little girl (who was sometimes considered Specs' younger sister), she had an aggressive behavior and a kinda bully, she wore shoes and had a angry face.But Mauricio improved her visual over the years giving to Monica a cute and friendly appearance and making her more naive and kind.

Monica starred in a series of games for Master System and Sega Genesis developed by Tec Toy.

She develops a passion for Jimmy Five that ends up with them dating over the comics with many fights and jealousy in high-comedy misadventures.

Despite having changed in some ways, she still has an adventurous spirit and continues to use her super strength to stop the enemies that appear.

The character made her first appearance in the Jimmy Five comic strips as a support character, but with her popularity she eventually became the main character years later.

Since her introduction the character has appeared in numerous comics published since 1970, as well animated shows, film, and several forms of merchandise.