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I miss certain things but in the process of discovering who I am I also discovered the church is NOT true.

Fuck these mind games, fuck the dogma, and fuck TSCC (The So Called Church). , Summer of 2010 I went on a mission, I said my prayers, I read the holy books and I believed.

As I'm grieving the death of the woman who was essentially my second mother (and who played a bigger role in raising me than my birth mother did), this obese asshole decided that this moment was the opportune time to call me out in front of the ward for being a less than stellar Mormon. I'm sure he was looking to shame me (and maybe hoped I'd return to the church), but instead it had the opposite effect.

All it did was anger me and solidify my belief that the church itself was shameful.

But these two people, whom I'll only refer as Justin and Wayne; along with another Mormon I'll call Jimmy, who the latter (no pun intended) was my roommate, forced me to throw them away. I even saw them trying to look at what was on my computer but shut it off upset that it was running Ubuntu (Linux) and couldn't find any way to login. Y'all can go to jail for this." They said that "man's law doesn't apply here, brother.

I said no, and then they said to throw them away or leave. (They didn't know about going into recovery mode from the GRUB bootloader, which is documented on ) So, after they told me to carry out a huge garbage bag, which I seen a foot sticking out, I said "Put that back in my room. We're actually immune to the laws of man in this situation. they took it upon themselves to take the bag to the dumpster.