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I am grateful to my parents, Karen and Connell Jones, who have always believed in me, inspired me by their example, and, in darker moments, reminded me that “this too shall pass.” I also owe much to my grandparents, Ruby Jones and Bennett and Juanita Mullins, whose absence I have felt keenly in recent months – their love and support taught me to believe in myself and their grit has always inspired me never to give up. D., 2011) I am grateful for, among a litany of other things, lending an ear when I most needed one, an outside perspective on all things German, an insider’s perspective on all things academic, a fierce but friendly editing eye, and some of my happiest v memories of the last seven years.

I have been especially blessed to spend my graduate school years with my sister at my side. Having had Jamie as a colleague and friend throughout has made me wonder how others manage without a sibling in academe.

More importantly, I demonstrate the way in which Sebald exploits the heterotopian potential of the text itself, creating a textual “environment” that pushes back against the reader, reinforcing the meaning of its content, but also drawing attention to the textual structures it deploys to create meaning.

iii CONTENTS Introduction 1 Irrwege: The Labyrinth and The English Landscape Garden in Die Ringe des Saturn 13 “Ein[…] immer verwinkelter werdende[s] Gewirr fauliger Gassen und Häuser”: The Urban Environment and Layers of History 50 “Jeden-Tag-von-neuem-Begreifenmüssen, daß ich nicht mehr zu Hause war”: The Domestic Environment 99 “Extraterritoriale Orte”: Heterotopian Narratives and Spaces 140 Conclusion: “Eine lautlose Katastrophe” - Prospects for Further Research 205 Works Cited 215 iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The dissertation that follows is certainly the product of years of effort, but it is also a tribute to the many people who have been so generous with their time and help.

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He is my touchstone, refuge, and companion in both laughter and tears.

Verschachtelte Räume: Writing and Reading Environments in W. Inst Repos:dash.current.terms-ofuse#LAA (Article begins on next page) © 2012 - Emily Erin Jones All Rights Reserved Professor Judith Ryan Emily Erin Jones Verschachtelte Räume: Writing and Reading Environments in W. Sebald This dissertation focuses on the construction of the narrated environment in W. Sebald’s Die Ausgewanderten, Die Ringe des Saturn, and Austerlitz.

The love I daily receive from him is the foundation upon which my efforts have been built.

Without his encouragement, intellect, fierce loyalty, and friendship, I would be at a loss.

This emphasis on history relies heavily on analyses of the construction of temporality and memory in the text.

While my dissertation also addresses, to a degree, Sebald’s engagement with history, I approach it from a new perspective.