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The story was created and propagated that Harry Kipper, a British conceptual artist, had mysteriously gone missing on the Italian-Yugoslav border whilst on a biking tour of Europe, allegedly with the intention of tracing the word Art across the continent.

The target of the prank was a popular Italian family TV show with a particularly aggressive right-wing bent.

Routh and von Haselberg created elaborate but purposely low-tech installations in which they would perform "ceremonies" using mostly found objects.

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Because von Haselberg and Routh could never remember who was Harry and who was Alf, they dropped the name Alf and decided to call each other Harry.

Currently Martin von Haselberg has created a series of large photographic images made into inflatable sculptural shapes titled 'Floatulents', and Brian Routh is working on soundworks that incorporate vocal soundbites of world leaders, politicians, madmen, poets, murderers and others.

In the '90s, the pseudonym "Harry Kipper" was appropriated and made into a fictional character invented by the multiple-identity underground movement Luther Blissett.

Japanese rituals, English music hall, Viennese Actionism, and the work of Samuel Beckett were amongst their influences.

while the Kids also appeared in a 1982 project for HBO executive produced by von Haselberg, The Mondo Beyondo Show, a one-off variety show of sorts for performance artists (including a pre-Stomp Yes/No People, La La La Human Steps, Bill Irwin, Paul Zaloom and others) hosted by Bette Midler's Mondo Beyondo character.