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I don't really understand why the media has been keeping their relationship hush hush for 4 years anyway ???

After making his debut as a jeans model, he became an actor best known for his roles in the television series Cain and Abel, Master's Sun, I'm Sorry, I Love You, What Happened in Bali, Oh My Venus, Phantom and the film Rough Cut.

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[ 151, -4] They don't have to make it so complicated, just say that Jooyeon went because she's Song Seung Hun's labelmate and So Ji Sub went because he's best friends with him. nets talk about 'couples' making everything complicated when they're ready to write paragraph length responses about he/she could be better or its better to date 'quietly'.

So Ji-sub: "I think that I might not be able to find a drama like this one and not be able to portray the type of character that I played again, and it might be very difficult to produce this kind of drama in the future again".

Actor So Ji-sub, who is now appearing in the MBC Wednesday and Thursday drama "Road No.1 (written by Han Ji-hoon, directed by Lee Jang-soo and Kim Jin-min-I)", talked with news reporters about what the drama means to him at a café located in Cheongdam-dong in Seoul on June 28.

Instead, I just do anything the way I want to do it.

I think that the nickname has come from my behavior, that I always do something comfortably without trying to put on airs".

The viewer ratings for the first and second episode, which began airing from June 21, recorded only around ten percent. Is an excellent swimmer, even won a prize, which you see his talent in his many roles. He is a great singer, sang the theme of "I'm Sorry, I Love You" , Snowflake. How I wish you could have a fan meeting here in the US someday when you're back from your military duty... Your onscreen couple with PMY looks so real and natural. Ji Chang Wook your acting skills are really awesome. Perhaps it's because you always give your all in all your dramas. They have that innate talent within which made them really charming. We I loved Ji Chang Wook in Healer and I'm looking forward to see him in his new drama series The K2. I first saw you in Running Man, and I mentioned it to my friend (that you guested on Running Man) because she loves you a lot and she was so attached your old drama, Empress Ki. I look forward to more of his work in the future and hopes he picks great roles. that series makes me really into Korean dramas so " healer " was the bridge for me which connect me to all those awesome Korean stories so thank you Mr. Ji Chang Wook i'm from Manila Philippines i want to commend you for being such a great actor being given to you whether it is a korean drama or movie,you've done a great job for portraying the role.5 thumbs up..i love your role as emperor togon in empress ki. It was my first watching a show where he is part of and i was immediately captivated by his handsomeness and coolness and aura and etc. we liked the actor while performing the television, but they must have had a personal side that may not need to be known publicly. It's rare to find a young actor with such excellent acting skills. I'm looking forward to see you in another series soon...He talked about the character Lee Jang Woo, whom he plays, by saying, "What he only cares about is Soo Yeon (Kim Ha-neul).He does not think in many ways, instead, he keeps going on while only thinking about her.Then he talked about actor Choi Min-soo, with whom he acted together in the same drama. I realized that telling something with the eyes is not a matter of acting ability, but it is an ability that comes from various experiences. I can feel myself that the depth of my eyes has been changed compared with before". - Post only in English, as this is an English language community.