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You knew who I was and you knew my husband was married.

You are a married woman yourself and cheating on your husband. for sleeping with someones husband whether he was wearing his ring or not? The whole time you have been sneaking around Upper Marlboro and Washington, D. with my husband I was at home taking care of our twin daughters.

She was in the hospital and was in a coma and almost died and he was there every day.

When she finally came home she was depressed and he was talking to her like sh*t so she just ignored him for a week and he told her he wanted a divorce. My girl just found out who the woman was and realized it’s a b#*ch she had caught him talking to a month or so prior to her being hospitalized!

I hope karma gets her and hits her on the way out for how much pain she caused me and my family. I’m not surprised your so called marriage didn’t even last a year. Don’t ever mess with me again because I will take you down in every way possible and leave you in the dust. Here is yet another HOMEWRECKER Jessica Paire from Baltimore Maryland.

I guess she doesn’t care about sleeping with a married man and could care less how hurt the kids are! Katlyn Collins has been sleeping with this man for who knows how long, very well knowing that he has a wife at home and a baby on the way.You are very destructive and now that he has dumped you I hope you feel even just half of the pain, sorrow and hurt that I felt all these years. You slept with my husband in my home and I have the video to proof it. Go fix your own damn marriage and leave my husband alone. Not only has she slept with him, but she has slept with almost EVERY male (and tried some females) at their work!Not only that, but one of the wives came and confronted her while she was working!!!He also told me that a couple at work had a threesome with her and she would not stop harassing them so they were FORCED to relocate!She continues to think my husband is still wanting her even AFTER he’s told her to leave him alone. I asked my husbands nasty a$$ why he didn’t go to her place!Sergeant Nyree Wilson from Baltimore is a Marine corps recruiter.