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Several of the "coffee table" truck pictorial books (those by Neils Janssen come to mind) have photos and small historical sketches of the Available Truck.
One note, Boeing prices were the same regardless of region. Never get a starting city in the middle of the Region as you won't be able to do any Long/Medium distance routes, and the ones you will do will be less effective.

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During a broadcast on the group’s radio station, he told how he and his family had fled in a canoe.Writing on the FRC website, he said: “While activists like to claim that pedophilia [sic] is a completely distinct orientation from homosexuality, evidence shows a disproportionate overlap between the two. It is a homosexual problem.” He added: "The most important thing that Christians can offer to homosexuals is hope - hope that their sins, just like the sins of anyone else, can be forgiven and their lives transformed.” Mr Perkins said he has been forced to live off “God’s provisions” following the flood.In 2012, a group of Muslim clerics joined some Christian preachers in attributing the superstorm Sandy which devastated areas of America, Haiti and Cuba on the wrath of God.In April this year, the then presidential candidate Ted Cruz appointed Mr Perkins into his advisory council for religious liberty.Figures are similar in Arizona and Arkansas, the only two other states that have adopted the practice.More than 20 other statehouses have introduced covenant marriage into committee, only to have the bills wither and fail.

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Today Perkins is the head of the Family Research Council (FRC), a Washington, D.C.-based lobbying group which "champions marriage and family as the foundation of civilization, the seedbed of virtue, and the wellspring of society," and has called for the abolition of no-fault divorce nationwide.Perkins and Spaht worked on a covenant marriage bill, which went through several drafts.Critics called it a potentially dangerous injection of religious belief into a civil commitment and worried that it might trap women in loveless or abusive marriages. Tony Perkins, R-Baker, predicted, "I think in about a year a majority of couples will make [covenancy] part of their marriage plans." He was wrong.In its first year, only 1 percent of Louisiana marriages were covenants.In its 1997 session, the Louisiana Legislature passed several important bills.