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"I glanced over and, whatever, I just let him continue on with his business," said a 16-year-old linebacker on the Osbourn High School football team who, along with a friend, stumbled upon a couple engaging in oral sex. The students -- eight in all -- were quickly identified and suspended, and the matter prompted the small school system to confront an issue many adults would rather not face: in this case, two girls and three boys engaging in oral sex or intercourse on school property while three other boys watched, according to sources familiar with what happened."In all the years that I've been in education, I've never run into this one before," said John Boronkay, the school system's acting superintendent. According to some teenagers, sex on school property is more frequent than adults might imagine.Archaeological excavations reveal traces of strong fortifications dated to the Early Bronze Age, covering some 24–30 dunams centered around Tel Rumeida.The city flourished in the 17th–18th centuries BCE before being destroyed by fire, and was resettled in the late Middle Bronze Age.The name "Hebron" traces back to two Semitic roots, which coalesce in the form ḥbr, having reflexes in Hebrew and Amorite and denoting a range of meanings from "colleague", "unite" or "friend".In the proper name Hebron, the original sense may have been alliance.

city located in the southern West Bank, 30 km (19 mi) south of Jerusalem.

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Abrahamic legend associates the city with the Hittites.

It has been conjectured that Hebron might have been the capital of Shuwardata of Gath, an (Canaanite)Indo-European contemporary of Jerusalem's regent, Abdi-Kheba, or may reflect some Kenite and Kenizzite migration from the Negev to Hebron, since terms related to the Kenizzites appear to be close to Hurrian, which suggests that behind the Anakim legend lies some early Hurrian population.