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More » I freely admit that I'm biased when it comes to Ok Cupid, as it's taken my top spot on my Best Dating Site list for years now.
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They are tired – they are tired of dating in general.They usually have 3-5 dates lined up with different people for the next few weeks, so they probably won’t even remember your name next week.You can just feel the utter lack of effort on their part.Serial daters just don’t care enough to make a good impression on you.There are no second chances and there is no opportunity for you to explain yourself.Why would she bother and try to talk through whatever that issue is?Even the cliche, generic questions they ask, such as “what do you do?” and “what do you do for fun” will sound artificial and forced.

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If not, then he is going to move to the next “target” very quickly, and no matter who well your date went, the male serial dater has “better” things to do than see you again.

Serial daters become too hopeless and too jaded about finding love after so many boring or otherwise disappointing dates.

Butterflies continue waiting for that one special, one of a kind date, during which they will magically, in 2 minutes, will be swept off their feet, realizing that this is the one and only very special person for them.

You have a nice conversation for a while and then you come to a point where you disagree on something not that important.

And as soon as this happens, she rushes off the phone telling you in so many words that you are not a good match.