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HGTV's current programming focuses primarily on home-buying, renovation, and reality shows following the business of house flipping.

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Brody, Jeff Kirshbaum and Allan Mindel Executive Producers: Frances Grill, Joseph Grill Cast: Troy Garity, Alison Folland, Bruce Dern, Randy Quaid Status: Completed/screening Origin: U. SERAPHIN: HEART OF STONE (SERAPHIN: UN HOMME ET SON PÉCHÉ) Drama Director: Charles Binamé Producers: Lorraine Richard Exec Producers: Vivianne Morin, Louis Laverdière, Guy Gagnon, Patrick Roy Cast: Pierre Lebeau, Karine Vanasse, Roy Dupuis Status: Completed/screening Origin: Canada In a noble effort to save her father from ruin, a beautiful young woman marries a despicable miser despite her continuing, clandestine love for another man.

FAR SIDE OF THE MOON (LA FACE CACHEE DE LA LUNE) Drama Director / Writer: Robert Lepage Producers: Bob Krupinski, Mario St Laurent Executive Producers: Daniel Langlois, Robert Lepage Cast: Robert Lepage, Anne-Marie Cadieux.

PUPS Action Drama (95 min) *Premiered on HBO* Director: Ash Producer: Daniel Berger Starring: Burt Reynolds, Mischa Barton ("Sixth Sense", "Notting Hill"), Cameron Von Hoy Year of Production: 1999 Chronicles the story of a rebellious teenager who finds his mother's gun, and instead of heading to his suburban school, he embarks on a spontaneous bank robbery with his girlfriend (Barton) that holds the nation's attention.GAME OVER: KASPAROV AND THE MACHINE Documentary Director: Vikram Jayanti Producers: Andre Singer, Hal Vogel Executive Producers: Andre Singer, Andy Thomson, Nick Fraser, Paul Trijbits, Tom Perlmutter, Eric Michel Status: Completed/screening Origin: Canada/UK A high-tech corporate thriller set in the fascinating world of chess.HOW MY MOTHER GAVE BIRTH TO ME DURING MENOPAUSE (COMMENT MA MERE ACCOUCHA DE MOI DURANT SA MÉNOPAUSE) Drama Director: Sébastien Rose Producers: Roger Frappier, Luc Vandal Cast: Micheline Lanctôt, Paul Ahmarani Status: Completed/screening Origin: Canada At thirty, Jean Charles still lives on – er rather intimate terms with his mother and his sister, but his new girlfriend should change all that. THE BLUE BUTTERFLY Drama Director: Léa Pool Producers: Francine Allaire, Arnie Gelbart, Claude Bonin, Michael Haggiag Cast: William Hurt, Pascale Bussières, Marc Donato Status: Completed/screening Origin: Canada Based on a true story, a terminally ill 10year-old boy persuades a renowned entomologist to take him on a trip to the rain forests of Central and South America in search for the mythic and elusive Blue Morpho butterfly. 2003 PRODUCT GUIDE TRANCERS 6 Sci-Fi (88 minutes) Year of Production: 2002, Country of Origin: USA Delivery Status: In Development REVENGE OF THE EXTRAS Comedy Director: Andrew Van Slee set to produce and direct Cast: TBD Delivery Status: Pre-Production. RUNAWAY (IL FUGGIASCO) Thriller Language: Italian With English Subtitles Director: Andrea Manni Production Company: Feelmax - Rai Cinema Cast: Daniele Liotti, Roberto Citran, Joaquim De Almeida Status: First Market Screening Country of Origin: Italy 11 trials – 86 judges – 6 years in prison – 5 years on the run. TOTALLY BLONDE Romantic Comedy (100 minutes) Language: English Director: Andrew Van Slee Producer: Andrew Van Slee Key Cast: Krista Allen, Michael Buble, Maeve Quinlan, Brody Hutzler, Mindy Sterling and Colin Mochrie Delivery Status: Completed Year of Production: 2001, Country of Origin: USA A sexy brunette dyes her hair blonde to change her life. ABSOLUTELY INDEPENDENT Absolutely Independent, Nieuwendammerkade 26 M 6, Amsterdam 1022 AB The Netherlands. Spring Breeze - Cinema Service The unabridged version of this Product Guide is available online at NOVEMBER 2003 The Business of Film 73 MIFED PRODUCT GUIDE THE WEDDING DRESS (IL VESTITO DA SPOSA) Thriller Language: Italian With English Subtitles Director: Fiorella Infascelli Production Company: Palomar Endemol Cast: Maya Sansa (Buongiorno Notte By Marco Bellocchio), Andrea Di Stefano (Angela By Roberta Torre), Piera Degli Esposti Status: First Market Screening Country of Origin: Italy Joyful, happy moments, brutally shattered at sunset when a sudden and disturbing event changes completely Stella's life.Being Julia - Myriad Pictures The unabridged version of this Product Guide is available online at T h e B u s i n e s s o f F i l m MIFED NOVEMBER 2003 MIFED PRODUCT GUIDE ALLIED ENTERTAINMENT GROUP, INC. HORRORVISION Horror (85 min) Director: Danny Draven Producer: J. Bookwalter and Scott Phillips Starring: Jake Leonard, James Black as "Bradbury" ("The Return", "Out of Sight"), and Special Appearance by Scream Queen Brinke Stevens ("Sideshow", "Victoria's Shadow") Year of Production: 2001 Dez, a web master, mistakenly logs onto "" - a website that kills all who come across it.