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If that doesn’t show what type of place this is, Mickey Avalon is a guest DJ here.

Get ready for some fist pumping, Jersey Shore action going on at Sutra!

Drinks are fairly cheap since the selection is not top notch. Most people walk, bike or skate here so if a Mercedes or BMW is your favorite mode of transportation, get ready to work those legs.

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This place is near the Balboa pier so you get a good mix of frat boys, regulars and surfer dudes looking for an easy score.Top 40 hits such as the ever popular Spice Girls and Britney Spears can be heard while you wait outside this Newport bar.Once in, you will get hit on my quite a few of the bro’s who will want to high-five you with for every witty comment they think they made.Jersey shore could be filmed here with all the drama going on in every corner.You may get lucky when 2 bro’s chest bump each other in front of you because a hot chick said Hi.You might get lucky with a surfer frat guy who lives next door! Malarky’s Irish Pub Website: 3011 Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, CA Who doesn’t love standing in line for an hour to get in just to get hit on by some “bro”.