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It's not the first app to strong-arm users into posting what is essentially free advertising, but it does seems a particularly coercive example.

All in all, it's easy to see what Meow Chat has become so popular so quickly, but it seems like the app is not completely harmless - especially for younger users.

Will the amount of male nudity go down if both sides know they could be chatting with someone just minutes away?

Channelroulette, meanwhile, allows users to create a channel based around a theme you want to discuss with cyber strangers.

Meow Chat does tell people to "never send or request inappropriate images" and users can choose to make their profiles private, but these seem relatively flimsy safeguards - especially for an app that's designed to spread virally through users' Facebook friend list.

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With Localroulette, you can now video-chat with users who are closer in proximity to you.

you need to consider that any site you visit records your IP address (including this one).

It is rare that a site does not at least have the ability to record your IP address. Their TOS states clearly no penis handling on camera or you are subject to banning.

This person is paranoid now, probably making this post 15 miles from their home at a random free internet spot.

Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated!