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Former Sonu Chairman David Osiany got married to Pambazuka presenter Syombua Mwele at Nairobi Central SDA church on Sunday 13th September 2015.

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I went to the Medici Dynasty Show at their new location in an old Church on via faenza.

This one hour show showcases 300 years of Florentine history focusing on two members of the famous Medici family.

When planning a trip to Italy, figuring out what to do in a country with so much vast cultural heritage can be quite intimidating. After all, this is your vacation, and part of that is being physically and mentally, well-rested.

It may seem completely normal to visit three museums in one day in Florence, but truth is, that can be . Instead of rushing to see every major site, why not just picking a few distinct places (and not always the most famous), and take your time to just soak in the atmosphere of any given place.

Choose between the Palatine Gallery, the Silver Museum, the Costume Museum, the Porcelain Museum, the Gallery of Modern Art, the Royal Apartments and the recently acquired Contini-Bonacossi Collection.

The former private collection of an Englishman, this vast space holds all sorts of collector’s favorites, including an amazing weapons collection and beautiful tapestries. Palazzo Vecchio Florence’s historic seat of power and medieval fortress dates back to the 13th century on top of Roman ruins (it was said to have been a Roman theater) by It’s one of my favorite places to bring people, because after all how many places in the world can combine Roman ruins, a Medieval fortress and ornate Renaissance chambers in one iconic place that still serves as the city’s symbol of civic power.

Its original purpose was to be the home of the city council made up of the powerful Guilds of Florence (also known as the Whenever I gaze at the panorama of #Your Florence, the tower of Palazzo Vecchio always stands out as a beloved landmark. I also have this on my ‘urban hike’ itinerary for anyone who wants to see some of my favorite spots on foot.

Since I often get questions about where to go and what to see in Florence, I thought it would be easier to compile a list of personal recommendations based on my my own and friend’s experiences.

Upcoming exhibits, interesting updates on the more famous museums.