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As a result, the foreign-born share steadily declined between the 1930s and 1970s, reaching a record low of approximately 5 percent in 1970 (9.6 million; see Table 1). immigrants more than quadrupled, rising from 9.6 million then to 43.3 million in 2015.

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Most Mayan words end in a consonant, not a vowel, and there may be sequences of two consonants within a word as well, as in xolte’ 'scepter', which is CVCCVC.

When these final consonants were sonorants (l, m, n) or gutturals (j, h, ’) they were sometimes ignored ("underspelled"), but more often final consonants were written, which meant that an extra vowel was written as well.

Lacadena and Wichmann (2004) proposed the following conventions: That is, a simple vowel is intended if the vowels are the same (harmonic), and either two syllables are intended (likely underspelled) if the vowels are not the same (disharmonic), or else a single syllable with a long vowel (if V = [u]).

Mayan writing was called "hieroglyphics" or hieroglyphs by early European explorers of the 18th and 19th centuries who did not understand it but found its general appearance reminiscent of Egyptian hieroglyphs, to which the Mayan writing system is not at all related.

Modern Mayan languages are written using the Latin alphabet rather than Maya script.

Phonetic glyphs stood for simple consonant-vowel or bare-vowel syllables.

However, Mayan phonotactics is slightly more complicated than this.