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The concurrent development of vacuum-tube technology, which did not have the same limitations, started making arc technology obsolete.

In April 1917, with the entrance of the United States into World War One, the U. government took control of the entire radio industry, and it became illegal for private citizens to possess a working radio receiver.

At night, the station employs a directional antenna, primarily sending its signal to the southeast, in order to protect the coverage of CFZM in Toronto, Ontario, which is the dominant Class A station on the 740 k Hz clear-channel frequency.

KCBS's nighttime signal is heard throughout California, including Los Angeles and San Diego, in addition to several western states, including Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Utah.

During the war impressive strides had been made in vacuum-tube transmitter and receiver design, and Herrold's arc-transmitters were no longer commercially competitive.

In 1920 a number of radio stations in the San Francisco Bay area, employing vacuum-tube transmitters, began making regular entertainment broadcasts, most prominently the "California Theater" station, 6XC, set up by Lee de Forest, which began daily service around April 1920.

In addition, all civilian radio stations were ordered to be dismantled, so for the duration of the conflict Herrold left the airwaves.

This wartime government ban on civilian stations was lifted effective October 1, 1919, and in early 1921 Herrold was reissued an Experimental license, again with the call sign 6XF.

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In good conditions it is also heard as far north as Redding and south to Santa Maria.

Additional features include traffic and weather together, sports updates, and "Bloomberg Moneywatch" business reports.

KCBS Cover Story airs weekly as an extended look at a major issue in the news, while In Depth is a weekly long-form interview program.

Greb's "The Golden Anniversary of Broadcasting" was published in the Journal of Broadcasting.

On January 1, 1909, Herrold opened the Herrold College of Wireless and Engineering, located in the Garden City Bank Building at 50 West San Fernando Street in San Jose.