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It's these behaviors that make memory loss and dementia the proverbial boogie man under the beds of everyone approaching their twilight years. " To the inexperienced, these moments can freeze you. Do you need to snap him out of it by saying, "Your mom passed away 20 years ago! According to the Alzheimer's Association, nearly half of all family and other unpaid caregivers rate the emotional stress of caring for loved ones with some form of dementia as "high" or "very high." While providing such care will always be a monumental task, much of the frustration and anxiety of trying to care for those with dementia can be eliminated once caregivers understand how to reestablish the lines of communication. Continuing on his journey toward resolution, he said all the things he was afraid to say to his father when he was a young boy. Richards progressed peacefully in the days and weeks ahead, he cried less. He had a trusted listener -- in me and in other caregivers trained in validation -- who spent time with him, talked about his childhood and accompanied him on his journey.

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We hereby report a case of inflammatory pseudotumor and review its inflammatory versus neoplastic behavior.

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