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We have some REALLY talented gamers but that is NOT a requirement to join! Have you ever rage quit over some clueless random(s) on your team?
I'm true to what I am just want person who can accept who I am especially my 3 kids.... I am looking for a man who will complete me as a woman and as a person in this world.

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The clues are fairly obvious, so this particular puzzle is aimed at entertainment.

Since the Original Author offered the inspiration behind many of these clues, to honor the spirit of the Original Puzzle, I leave the Short Puzzle in the public domain throughout the year for everyone to enjoy.

Her parents years later and she moved to live with a strict aunt and uncle 'who didn't believe in laughing' Suffering: Grimes, pictured in Seneca Falls, New York last year, divorced and her former husband was killed in a hunting accident.

She married again, and her son committed suicide and second husband died of cancer ‘Oh, it was fresh and dark, about as relevant today as it was when it was made,’ she told the Washington Post.

You are more than welcome to use these clues for church parties, school assignments, office parties, and parties at your home as well as for your own pleasure.

Since the puzzle can be solved in an hour or less, it is useful to school teachers.

You may NOT re-publish my LONG PUZZLE on the Internet for any reason.

Furthermore if you do print out my LONG PUZZLE, you may not use these clues for commercial purposes.

I have been told that solving the Long Puzzle is a huge treat. This is a great picture, but it represents no appropriate "Carol Title".

For example, I could be wrong, but these emails suggest that some people enjoy taking their sweet time.1. In other words, there are 171 titles that are placed in the Clue List for the specific reason to fool the Puzzle solver. In order to add the picture, I had to add So let explain a bit further: In order to expand the SSQQ Christmas Puzzle (Long Version), I need both a new title and a good picture which turn out to be an excellent match. The next time I decided to expand the puzzle, I might just use that title.