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Hans Nadler (Dresden,1910- 2005) había sido una voz importante desde los años cincuenta en relación a la protección de monumentos en Sajonia.

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If you are doing something that really matters, or want to share something that perhaps one of your friends is doing that is having an impact on others, please comment below so we can all continue to support and be inspired by people like Kristen and Leora.

Lucas Grabeel is an American actor, director, producer, singer, and songwriter.

So, instead of making songs about twerking, they create music that makes a difference and generates funds for the causes that paired these singers with their pediatric patient counterparts in the first place.

Leora started Music Is Medicine, the non-profit organization behind this work, by recording songs with her sister for hospitalized kids in Baltimore.

Lucas initially moved to Los Angeles to become an actor.

After two months living there, he landed his first television role in a commercial for toothpaste and then eventually went to star in other commercials for Lego and Hot Wheels.

Some other movies and television series that Lucas has appeared in are ‘Pinky Malinky’, ‘Family Guy’, ‘Spirit Riding Free’, ‘Dragons: Race to the Edge’, ‘Switched at Birth’, ‘Elena of Avalor’, ‘Sheriff Callie’s Wild West’, ‘Disney Star Darlings’ and ‘I Kissed a Vampire’ among others.

Additionally, Lucas has released several singles including ‘You Got It’ and ‘I Want It All’.

Lucas was born in Springfield, Missouri on November 23, 1984, to parents Jean and Stephen Grabeel.

As a society, are we paying attention to the things in life that really, truly matter? Although the disease is rare (a little over 300,000 people in the U. are affected by it), it causes chronic mental deterioration that leaves affected families devastated as they watch their loved ones wither slowly, over years, without any ability to help.

On a daily basis, they like to get back up, circle me as if performing a taunting tribal dance, and proceed to smack me in the face repeatedly, like when the family dinner-table discussion a few nights back switched from one about work, current events, and checking in on each another's emotions to a debate over the status of Jay-Z and Beyonce's (apparently deteriorating) marriage. In 2003, at 9 years old, Kristen Powers found out her mom was going to die from Huntington's Disease.

Now, on August 5, Leora, the rest of the Music is Medicine team, and These are things that really important.

The work that Kristen and Leora do on a daily basis may go relatively unnoticed, but these are the type of things that are changing lives. So, reader, if I can leave you with a challenge, it would be to stop. Think "Am I paying attention to things that really matter? But, every once in a while, are you stopping to smell the proverbial roses and do, support, or create things that really matter?