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Unable to do their normal webcast, Carly and Freddie do their best to get detention too so they can do the show from inside detention with Sam.

Carly learns that because of her web show she's been given the opportunity for a full scholarship to the elite private school, Briarwood.

When Freddie accidentally posted a video of Carly and Sam making fun of Miss Briggs, the video received so many views and positive feedback, that soon, i Carly was born and quickly became the best web show out there!

And now, it’s all here, in one place, for your viewing pleasure!

They decide to follow their mean teacher but find themselves in serious trouble when they accidentally get trapped at her apartment. The date goes so well that Freddie begins filming Valerie's own web show.

But when Valerie's web show interferes with i Carly, Freddie finds himself torn.

Meanwhile, Sam teaches Spencer how to lie like a pro.

You’ll laugh, you’ll shout, and best of all, you’ll randomly dance for hours with this i Carly compilation!

Carly gets a B on a History paper she should have gotten an A on.

Sam, seeing an opportunity during her weekly meeting with Principal Franklin, changes Carly's grade in the computer and surprises her with the straight A's.

Sam tries everything she can think of to pay them back – even getting an actual job.

A "Messing With Lewbert" sketch goes horribly awry, injuring Carly's obnoxious doorman.