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The Chaste Hero is a character (usually male) who consistently rolls "1"s where romance is concerned.If the thing they're failing to notice is a breaking news story, that's Ignored Vital News Reports.Mental capacity is limitless when the plot is at stake!If he has time to explain himself, it always sounds something like "If My Calculations Are Correct". Relatedly, two awesomeness analysts don't really need to explain anything to each other, they can do it by Talking Through Technique.Differs from Weirdness Censor (where they don't see it because it's so bizarre), Selective Obliviousness (where they don't to see it), and Bystander Syndrome (where they ignore it because they don't care). The skills in question include several that require substantial luck, like Appraise, Use Magic Device, Hide, or the various Perform skills, but also such mundane tasks as Listen and Spot. The name comes from a typical mechanic from RPG games, dating back from the arch-RPG .In cases of characters consistently failing spot checks to penetrate a Paper-Thin Disguise, we have Clark Kenting.

Just run off some mental calculations about your gun's firing speed, friction, gravity, and the slightly-off-kilter scope (how exactly the analyzer knows all those variables is handwaved), and it's a done deal. Logically anticipate where his next strike will come from and remain one step ahead.Characters who get to skip the analysis altogether due to some form of copycat power are Power Copying.Exactly What I Aimed At usually comes from this trope.Considering the number of Spot Checks a typical game involves, there always are instances of missing out on something because of One Bad Roll, which naturally frustrated people about Spot Checks for literally decades.Referenced in a running gag in case, the lack of distinction between player and character reaches the level of Medium Awareness, and is Played for Laughs."Snipers aren't deadly because they carry the biggest guns; they're deadly because they've learned how to weaponize math. Those lucky few can substitute careful examination in place of careful practice, with the same results: success.