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I put Chord and Chris together in my head and they clicked. UGH MAY IS TOO LONG TO WAIT FOR CIVIL WAR OKAY JFCFavourite Characters: Steve Rogers/Captain America: Ugh my love for this man knows no limits. Kurt admits he has done stuff and prefers bottoming but says none of the Glee guys would make a decent top for him. Kurt and Mercedes join Zumba so they can stay on the Cheerios and continue glee club, because Sue will kick them off if they don't lose weight. Although he cares for a submissive Sam and helps him find love with Blaine, there's only one person Puck really wants, but winning Kurt Hummel's affections won't be easy. After Voldemorts rise to power, everything changed. The devastating fire at the Hummel-Hudson family home affects everyone. When Kurt Hummel discovers he is pregnant-his entire world is turned upside down... What about his family, his friends-what about Blaine? Kurt was happy his dad was finally settling down again and getting re-married. But is it a hallucination, or is Kurt caught up in something bigger – and is Blaine connected? Puc Kurt-estab relationship"I do," Kurt vowed without thinking, and before the thought even reached his mind, he added, "I think." Immediately realizing what he'd just said, Kurt whipped his head up, but not to look at his shocked fiance - to look at his best friend Blaine. I was intrigued by the idea that Blaine thought he might be bisexual instead of gay after kissing Rachel and Kurt's reaction to it so much so that I wish Ryan Murphy and Company would have explored it more. You used my iron to make a panini when we have a perfectly functional sandwich-maker." In which Sam accidently provides Kurt with minions, Brittany is a celebrity twitterer, Klaine is adorable, Finn hates big words before noon, and more.

When Kurt and Sam interacted in Duets and Sam was honorable, I prayed that it would happen. He's just amazing and hilarious and beautiful and ahhhhhhh James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes/The Winter Soldier: OKAY BUT BUCKY. Natasha Romanov/Black Widow: BECAUSE QUEEN TASHA SLAYS OKAY? Sam and Puck, in particular, are "too subby." The two decide to show him he's wrong. When Blaine finds out that Kurt's not being entirely honest with him about who he is, things go to hell in a handbasket pretty damn quickly. Things head of to a good start when their dance instructor is none other than Blaine who Kurt finds to be gorgeously sure of himself and ins't ashamed of being an openly proud gay dance teacher. Fresh from graduate school and not long after a devastating personal tragedy, Kurt Hummel finds himself named guardian of his two cousins, Elena and Jeremy Gilbert. Eventual Puc Kurt and Slaine."Call me when you're single," Puck said to Kurt with a cheeky wink at Graduation. The question is was it an accident or something far more sinister? However this meant he was gaining a new gorgeous step-brother, a step brother named Blaine Anderson. Kurt didn't expect his biggest source of comfort to come from Brittany, but hey, life is strange. After the Gap fiasco, with Kurt as best his freind, Blaine wants life to stay the same.

Allegiances are severed, new discoveries are made and nobody was ready for what happened at dawn.

If you would have asked me during Season 4/5, I would've said Rachel or Blaine to take the fifth spot, but recent re-watching and thinking and reading fanfiction has made me realise that Brittany Pierce is a lot more than people see. She hardly spoke to her friends from New Directions and she refused to share the role of Maria with Rachel. All because Mercedes wanted a prom date, suddenly they're dating? There was no real build up, we find out that they're dating for like a few seconds at the end of Season 2 and suddenly it was a summer thing? Then they pretty much don't interact for all of Seasons 2 and 3, right until 3x22 when she helps him. Spandrew: I am a firm believer of this ship and Spoby has run its course tbh. Hearing the news that they want to continue for many more seasons makes me happy! Barnes seems determined to make Steve think twice about everything in his life. After a series of inexplicable meetings, Kurt and Steve realise that there's something more to it than just being in the right place at the right time.

Shipping, in Glee, is one of the most intricate disciplines in the world of fandoms. Originally, I stopped at 6x03 bc I didn't care for it, but I've started rewatching and am going to watch it until it ends. MY favourite characters: Caroline/Stefan Tyler/Matt Elena/Matt Caroline/Matt Carolline/Tyler Caroline/Klaus Katherine/Elijah Katherine/Matt THAT WAS EASY. When a freak accident leaves Kurt Hummel orphaned at just nine, it's up to his uncle and godfather, Tony Stark, to do the best he can to keep Kurt from breaking apart.

People have had so many romantic and sexual interests, it's seriously crazy. Hevans is something that definitely should have happened imo. I'll talk about Klaine later but Hevans is truly overlooked. They should've made Sam bisexual, as many fanfiction writers do and have them together. Sam had never displayed any kind of feelings for Brittany, and suddenly he's felt things since he met her? As the two navigate a life without their loved ones, they realise that sticking together isn't always the easiest option...especially when one of them is an Avenger.

Blaine stabbed Kurt in the back at Rachel's party and now he wants revenge. What happens when Elizabeth dies when Kurt is 16 and is sent to live with Burt?

Extremely intelligent, highly skilled, and well prepared, Kurt, accompanied by two friends just as cunning and powerful, is no one's pawn, and he will stop at nothing to protect his family. Burt was supposed to have custody of Kurt but Elizabeth left in the middle of the night along with their son.