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I don't know it's wearing like a hat, like a browncoat type of thing.) Why don't they tell us? (Segue to other material...) The way I saw an uncircumcised penis. " Anna David, a sex columnist in a low-cut dress, having experienced Englishmen, says "It's the guy, not the penis" and denies that intact penises smell, but doesn't actually defend them. Host Olivia Munn tells of an encounter with an intact man that she found gross, and she never hooked up with him again, but doesn't actually say why. Implies circumcision is once and forever when in fact some circumcisions do need to be revised because of skin bridges or other complications. Thanks to NORM-UK Jerry: Terry, it is time to reveal your baggage. Kristi: Yeah, I think the question would be how botched. First of all, it's not my fault, it's the doctor's fault. As "Penis of the Opera" he limps around the stage with his hand half covering his face, peering between his fingers. This show has something to offend everybody, mainly Jews but also Catholics, Evangelicals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Muslims and Scientologists, but it runs the same old themes: Circumcision is Jewish. Efron annouces that he is a Jew, and they demand to see his penis as proof. Before the finger test, this is true, this actually happened today..... ' Anyway, it's still not clear how much the stolen diamonds are worth. And he couldn't get an erection cause it would tear his stitches that had just been done. They would do it without using the words "circumcision", "penis" or "erection" but with lots of nudges and winks.

It was like playing petanque with someone who thinks they are playing baseball! A viewer (with a hood..his head) poses the question, "Is it true that girls don't like it when guys are uncircumcised? Matt Jay: I still have a foreskin, but I have had a haircut. Assumes all boys in the USA and Canada are circumcised. Jerry: Is this a concern or is the question how botched? James: Hey, Jen, Adam's name is called "the Hooded Warrior". "Oh yes, bald and tubby, I thought I matched him pretty well already. The reason men are having so much trouble with the penis is because they were molested as infants," He suggests that, like the Phantom of the Opera, they spend the rest of their lives seeking revenge on the person who did this to them. (applause) The "comedy" (from 53" to 1'30") consists entirely of denigrating intact men (and non-Americans) - "You dirty, uncircumcised freak! (He lapdances with them, which they love, and don't want to geek to lapdance.) They pretend to be undecided until the geek suggests that for diversity they need a Jew. The geek shows them (but not us) his, and they despise it, comparing it to "a reject from the Muppet Show" and "Gonzo", implying he is intact. ' He said 'You up.' I'm like 'Leave it alone! Zach: To tell it very quickly, the quarterback, they had done his circumcision wrong and so they had re-done it. Zach: (Sarcastically) I can't believe it didn't get picked up. (both laugh, then continue the interview) Not so difficult.

(Jen gets up, goes to the door and calls.) Jen: Adam! He acts out the baby being strapped down, "then WHAM!

(HBO, early 2005) Comedian Richard Jeni spends perhaps five minutes on circumcision.

To ensure the point is not missed, Christopher Sykes concludes the programme by saying that in his view the baby should be left intact, but then, he is uncut.

Dr Michael Wilks (BMA Head of Ethics, uncut) describes American "routine" circumcision as "a profoundly unethical practice." (These pages appear fleetingly at ) Guest Darla [Harper] told Williams how Dennis Momah, a GP, pretended to be his twin brother Charles, her Ob/Gyn, and sexually harassed her during examinations before the birth of her son.

They have no feelings or rights." Adam's acceptance of labels implying some lapse, and his lack of Anteater Pride, is also due for an overhaul.

(Jen and James laugh, joined by others in the house, off camera.) Jen: Oh my God! This underlines a point made in the introduction to these pages: "Anyone may be as insulting as they like about the foreskin or the man who has one.

Will: We only have 30% of the sensitivity that he does.. " buzzer sounded and Big Brother told Mikey: "It was his circumcision." Embarrassed, Sezer hid his face in his hands. " his foreskin cut off, using his finger sticking over the edge of a table, then asking his mother why he was circumcised. Another one of the superheroes can stretch any of his body parts as far as he wants. I mean he's seen this before but today he looks at it and goes 'You know....

) were interviewed and recited without hesitation that the medical reasons for circumcision were phimosis, paraphimosis and recurrent balanitis.

"Cut" or "uncut" appears under the names of all those who spoke, illustrating that it is the victims who wish to inflict it on others.

Sheila, Adam's partner, already reluctant because of his previous crass and boorish remarks - CBS has been asked for an apology on behalf of autistic and mentally challenged children who Adam called "r*t*rds" - talks to camera.

When towering bully Penn Jillette goes after circumcision, you know precisely what physical areas will fuel his humor. you know [Teller says] that if you brought up, 'I'm havin' a son in a few months and I been reading some s--- about circumcision, I just don't really know,' you know that if you're sitting around with your friends that our hearts are gonna go out to you, we're gonna talk to you honestly and openly, and we're also gonna make a lot of jokes. "And somehow television has this point of view that it's either/or. Discussing the day's tabloid events, Chelsea asks her panel of guests what they think of Paris Hilton. " Because, you know, you think because it's different, my uncircumcised penis, that somehow it's dirty, and that is wrong, America! When Primi exposes their plot and is captured, the Freak Squad must come to his rescue.)Primi: I don' unnerstand. Mrs H: It was something God told them to do 6000 years ago. He's willing to "die on the hill" for this issue, which his girlfriend interprets as arrogance and stubbornness.