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Answer: Glenn, sorry it has taken me so long to respond to you.

Think of who Paul was: the "Apostle to the Gentiles".

I post it here mainly for the documentation regarding Greek being the original the language of the New Testament.)Below is chapter two and three from article entitled, "" by William F. Evidence from Caiaphas' Tomb Most Jewish Funerary Inscriptions in GREEK! The Language of Jesus Earliest New Testament Fragments in GREEK! Chapter Three --Was the New Testament Originally Written in Hebrew? The Evidence of Preservation Itself Luke the Beloved Physician The Language of the New Testament The Books and the Parchments Several sects and churches claim that Jesus Christ and the apostles only spoke Hebrew or Aramaic, and that the original monographs of the New Testament were all written in Hebrew, and later translated into Greek. They have believed, and taught, that ancient Judea was a "backwater" area of the Roman Empire, and the people were ignorant as a whole of the Greek language, although it is admitted that Greek was the "lingua franca" and "language of commerce" throughout the Roman Empire.

Today, however, new archaeological discoveries have undermined the speculations of scholars and brought into clear light the fact that Greek was well known among the Jews, especially the priesthood, leadership class, and the merchant class.

Van Der Horst, points out that no less than 1,600 Jewish epitaphs -- funerary inscriptions -- are extant from ancient Palestine dating from 300 B. Peter, in his first sermon, enumerates a list of the countries from which Jews came to worship on that first Pentecost of the newly formed Christian Church (Acts 2:9-11).

Van Der Horst goes on: "One of the most surprising facts about these funerary inscriptions is that most of them are IN GREEK -- approximately 70 percent; about 12 percent are in Latin; and only 18 percent are in Hebrew or Aramaic.