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The first one is because they care for their teen and want them to be safe.

Parents have a responsibility to their children both morally and legally to keep them safe and monitor their activities.

Curfews imposed by state and local governments are even more controversial because it is not only teenagers who disagree with these laws, but many adults as well.

Teenager curfews have been around for centuries as the adult population has tried to keep adolescents safe.

Despite talk of Joy-Anna Duggar breaking courtship rules, and signs of hope like Jinger wearing shorts, these guidelines ain't no joke.

Here are 21 things the Duggars specifically do not allow ...

The topic of teenager curfews is usually a controversial one.

It is also important for a parent to know when to expect their teenager to come home.Not close enough for any inappropriate touching, obviously, but without another dude in between, which is mandatory during the “just friends” phase. In the wake of the Josh Duggar molestation scandal going public years later, Jim Bob and Michelle gave in interview in which they talked about all of the things they did in its aftermath.In between blaming Josh’s indiscretions on being a curious pubescent boy, they discussed family rules that resulted from this, such as the children no longer being allowed to play co-ed hide and seek.But one of the most bizarre was revealed only recently in an episode in which Joseph and Kendra Caldwell officially started courting. with one of the younger Duggar sitting in between them in the front seat of a pickup truck.Shortly after the courtship "proposal," she was allowed to slide almost all the way over to Joseph.Often, it is not the behavior of the teenager that is of concern to a parent, but the behavior of other people and how it will impact them.