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She haughtily took the glass, looked into it and then poured the beer over his face.
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JCP is administered at the District Punishment Centres (DPC).

People always enter these buildings with downcast eyes and a red face.

Young teenagers between 15 and 18 are sometimes punished but only if they are hardened young criminals who committed some serious crime.

The government is not so soft-hearted with the adult male population.

Your District Punishment Center: 80 North Mayfield Avenue, Chicago, Illinois Deadline for registration: 25 June 2110“ They gave me only two days!

Obviously I knew that as an adult male I can be subjected to judicial corporal punishment (JCP as everybody called).

The reasoning behind this is that JCP and “Punishment for Men” do not cause permanent bodily harm but castration is obviously irreversible.

Only the filthy rich could save their bum if they made some mistake.For the fulfillment of your sentence you should visit the District Punishment Center at the required time.You may cancel your appointment showing a medical certificate or asking for a special permission (for example to attend a funeral or going on a booked holiday) but you receive a new date.Some men who are sentenced to JCP laugh it off as childish and stupid but in reality it works extremely well.Nobody really wants a second visit after the first.“His Excellency the President of the United States of North– and Central-America and the Caribbean congratulates to Hayden Richards for your 18th birthday.