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20 ZPXNeon GM Rating: 6 Is there more than four levels to this game? The meaning of game is to simulate hiking on computer. I'm about halfway through the waterfall level ( fourth level ), but I can not go any higher. Movement of the pickaxe is 360, so the little 2D avatar of me (with a 3D hand) can move in amusing ways- most of the initial fun of Sexy Hiking is in playing with your little character and attempting to hike with it. Hiking has blistering difficulty, although I didnt actually feel the usual emotions associated with trying to do something over and over and over. I didnt really care that I wasnt progressing at a fast rate- it was just plain fun to play with my pickaxe.The pickaxe mechanic creates this euphoria and joy for me, probably since its such a novelty.If you play it for more than 2 minutes you can get the hang of the hiking system. Happy, you are one of those people who download games and expect a masterpeice. By the way, you used a piece of music that was meant for underwater. 20 happy Rating: -- I Wish I never downloaded this game. First time playing it, I beat it in less than 20 minutes. You have a good talent for graphics and imagination, dont waste it on making games that have no story or nothing. 20 jazzuo Rating: -- word from creator i must say first of all that i think of this game as mine most odd and original game. If this game has a broken link or violates our guidelines, please report it.

20 Pasztor Istvan Rating: 5 Your game is very original, but the graphics are poor.

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English is not my first language and I really could do with a bit of help. It takes a message and responds, but does not help to keep the conversation on track.

Its a new experience, and for some developers (including me), a new experience is one of the main things they wish to create with their game.

The problem with Sexy Hiking being so difficult is that its not going to encourage people to play on.