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Officials had no record of animal control receiving complaints from the home.

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Freitas argues that the campus environment puts pressure on students to conform to the hookup culture and that it would require an “18-year-old of superhuman strength to stand up to the pressures of most college environments.” However, avoiding hookups doesn’t require superhuman strength. Further, I’ve never heard any student say that they hooked up just because everyone else was hooking up.Students hook up for a variety of reasons, and peer pressure is often just a minor factor.Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines because after a visit to Commonwealth, you'll be running all night long.

With ambiance like this -- think big booths, sexy lighting and smooth music playing all night -- it's no work at all.

First, students hook up because a lack of stigma or negative pressure. Since student health care centers ensure that birth control and condoms are widely available, there are no serious consequences for hooking up.

At my school, the Sexual Health Peer Resource Center provides 12 free condoms to every student each quarter (massage oils, chemical contraceptives and lube samples are available as substitutes for women).

Sex provides students with the same social outlet that drugs and drinking do.

Students spend their weekdays vigorously engaged in their studies and other commitments.