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I'm afraid to sleep now, and don't know what to do differently.

Kevin: Hey Meghan, thanks so much for sharing this.

this happens to me on occasion but its only when im drifting into sleep but im still barely awake.

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I hope my story and imformation helped some of you and good luck.

What's weird is the fact that I feel like I'm going through hell while experiencing this, but I wake up feeling totally fine.

It scares me not to be able to move, I am trying so hard to open my eyes, and yell for my roommate, or pound on the have no success.

:) I have been having this for a long time, I am 33 and it started when i was 28. But last night I was just mad about it, so during the episode I said the F word. I have been reading about sleep paralysis, but if thats what I have then why all the sudden when i get mad does my neck feel that. It feels as if i am constantly falling in my attack and i cant open my eyes either or move or scream i get this crazy chill over my entire body as if someone or something is really evil but never seen anything just heard voices calling my name one time.

I think i have had enough, I said F you to whatever it was and then I felt this instant warm feeling on my neck( like if you put ice hot on) there was pressure and this warm burning feeling( not fire burn, but very warm) it scared me so much. Really need some answers, anyone else have this happen. When I was little I used to have a recurring dream where I could hear my house being robbed, I would walk out of my bedroom to walk down the stairs to tell my mum and dad but when I reached the stairs I froze, I could not scream or move and I would be terrified. So sometimes when i am really tired i can feel it starting to happen the best thing to do in my opinoin to prevent it from happening is when i get that feeling i keep my eyes open and try to move right away and it goes away but it is hard to do but you can achieve it all the time just what ever you do dont let it get the best of you.