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So when Cosmo approached me with the idea of trying all 77 positions in their bestselling Kama Sutra book, my interest was piqued. But the real challenge (besides all the body-bending the poses require) will be completing all the positions in such a short period of time.

And when I asked D., he looked at me as if I had…well, just asked him to have a lot of sex with me. The editors at Cosmo gave us just one rule: by the end of the 77 days, we must have completed all 77 positions.

Much of the original development of APT was done on IRC, so records have been lost.

The name 77 refers to the way you and your partner's bodies look when they meld together in this side entry position, It's similar to spooning but with a twist.

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This can be specified as a networked or CDROM location.Two years ago I met my boyfriend at a party and a month later we started sleeping together.I've always felt like sexual chemistry is hugely important in a relationship and luckily D. But like most couples, our sex life slowed down a bit after about a year and we started going back to the same three or four positions each time we hooked up.Once he's inside, straighten your legs in tandem with his so they're tightly sandwiched together, toes pointed.Stay connected as you simultaneously bend at your waists, while extending your legs at a 45-degree angle away from your bodies.The Deity name was abandoned as the official name for the project due to concerns over the religious nature of the name.