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The night before we moved in, the big house on the property burned down.

We show up with the moving truck and there are firemen all over.

On this episode, you’ll learn: Abel: Richard Nikoley is the blogger and madman behind Free The Animal.

Richard Nikoley is author of Free The Animal, and we’re exploring how to cook in an RV, what it’s like to live off the grid, and why you shouldn’t fear potatoes.

We’ve been saying for years and years, there are different types of fats…

There are also differences in the kinds of carbohydrates you consume.

Eating a steak isn’t the same as eating a stick of pepperoni. I’ve been cutting down the meat intake and bringing in a little more seafood and fish (once or twice a week) and poultry, and then of course a little bit of meat in the soups.

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Just as a Coke is not a potato or a legume, in the same way, a true whole freshly ground grain cooked into a soup or porridge, baked, fermented, isn’t Wonderbread on the shelf.

Even the “whole grain” stuff you get at the supermarket, the germ is discarded and then they add some of the bran back in, but it’s not in the right proportions. When I make them, I use a good beef or chicken stock with vegetables added in there.

Just on an intuitive level, there was no obesity problem until about 50 years ago and it coincides with all this hyper industrial processing. I can do a whole pot of soup and use one pound of meat and it’s like eight meals. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Paleo, but I think we’re failing to make a lot of critical distinctions and we’re conflating a lot of things, too.

We had gravity feed, and didn’t even have to use a pump.

We got a propane heater for winter—we only ended up using two gallons of gasoline for the generator.