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He was concerned that his friend might hear something in the next room, but her mouth felt so good around his cock that he stopped caring what happened next and surrendered to the moment.

He put his hand on the back of her head and shoved his cock deeper into her mouth, she again made a gagging sound as his cock forced its way inside of her, but made no protest to the rough handling.

The date had started out pretty well, they had laughed, they had joked and he was pretty sure he was going to get laid when she had invited him back to her house for "coffee".

What was worse than trying to get him to kiss it was when she had tried to make it give him a blow job.

She wasn't just familiar; she was his best friends mom...

The wheels in his brain kept turning and he realized that if she was telling the truth, then she must have known who he was before she messaged him.They had been friends since they were in diapers, even their moms were friends.He was the one person that he could tell anything to.Though he supposed that given that it was a sock puppet it would actually be a hand job, but the point was that it was weird.He had beat a hasty retreat and she had seemed confused and angry that he hadn't called her back for a second date...She pounced on it the way a starving man would pounce on a morsel of food and he was frozen to inaction in surprise.