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Eli roth dating lorenza izzo

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Her blouse is open and tied back so her helpless nipples can have a clothespin bite down on each one. That was an honest-to-goodness thrashing, the same that she gets now, right across her breasts. Off go the panties and the guy forces her to sit her shaved pussy down on the dildo so it slides up inside her.

After her beating she gets her bruised breasts thoroughly mashed, and Sharon still won’t sign. When she is securely seated, the guy pulls out a wire breast harness and Sharon knows what’s coming -- first-rate breast bondage.

Just wetting a leather whip with tap water will not make it very conductive. Can't wait to see the latest, and catch up on some of my favorite classics! I've updated my clips4sale store and will be at it for a while, getting some old stuff up and posting new content. Now that it's done, they'll make the site live soon.

Better to make the whip from a conductive material to start with. Gog wrote: ...have your pubic hair shaved off That would be humiliating and degrading, could be part of a interrogation scene.

There were periods when HOM producer Barbara Behr insisted the models keep their panties on to avoid censorship, but this was not one of those periods. She ties a rope around one wrist and likes the idea, as shown by some prolonged diddling.

When a guy approaches to find out what the hell is going on, she smiles, and offers the rope and her wrists to him so he can fix her up just right. Cut to her standing spread-eagle with crotch rope; same with feet suspended off the ground; now the ankles raised to wrist height, putting her pussy front and center; finally, inverted spread-eagle, naked at last, with a gag (at last!

Its conception, its model, the variety of torment, are unparalleled.

These pictures show the highlights; more pleasant surprises await a complete viewing. Though I must say, on a personal level, never really cared for when the models would start to get off on it.

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I wouldn't whip anyone with this, but I would gently slap their bodies with it, making the chain wrap around their waist or thighs. I did it with Cybil and I think that scene is in my second complete Cybil vid (in the DH60's I think).

The “sign this or else” concept was used twice the Punished series, first in Episode 2-5 with Toni Stern, and again in Episode 7-5 with Karen Arthur. Like when they find the ropes and start rubbing themselves, or start sucking on dildos.

It provides an ingenious rationale for making a poor model’s suffering become progressively greater from scene to scene instead of just different. ** TRG - Thanks for taking the time to give us a review of BC10. To me, consensuality raises its ugly head at that point and ruins it for me, no matter what really happens next.

By the time those tits get cinched up, they're all hard and swollen and distorted. Makes you want to try it out on your Honey (volume permitting).

Finally, she agrees to sign the darned thing, because only worse can follow. Of all the Bondage Classics episodes, this one stands alone.