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He discovers that a group of doctors have been gunned down and Barillo has bled to death as a result of a botched facial reconstruction, but realizes that the corpse on the operating table is a body double before he is knocked out and kidnapped by the real Barillo and Ajedrez, who reveals herself to be Barillo's daughter.

Sands realizes his mission has been compromised, but is too late, as he is captured by Barillo and Ajedrez — who drill out his eyes before sending him out.

As the village celebrates the Day of the Dead during the President's visit, Marquez and his army storm in and attack the presidential palace.Marquez's troops, however, are met with resistance from not only the President's bodyguards, but the villagers and the Mariachis.Sands had instructed El Mariachi to allow the President to be killed before attacking Marquez, but the Mariachis, agreeing that the President is a good man, intervene early and protect him.Furthermore, AFN operative Ajedrez is assigned by Sands to tail Barillo.While monitoring Barillo's activities, Ramírez meets Billy Chambers, an American fugitive who has been living under the protection of Barillo, but can no longer stomach the horrible tasks he's been forced to carry out for him. Sands' assistant, Cucuy, originally hired to keep an eye on El Mariachi, instead tranquilizes El Mariachi and turns him over to Barillo, also offering to reveal the details of Sands's plan.And while the semi-sheer element perfectly showcased her leggy frame, it also managed to reveal too much when it came to its daringly low cut neckline.