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- [ml_*plugins*] Display quirk fixes - [ml_autotag] Dialog display tweaks - [ml_devices] Discover button sizing fix on Win8 - [ml_disc] Fixed reported ui alignment issue with CD info block - [ml_disc] Follow ml_local's 'Display Show Info' setting - [ml_downloads/wire/gen_ml] Altered handling of internal messages sent to remove some subclassing in ml_downloads specifically - [ml_downloads] Added 'Size' column - [ml_downloads] Changed the downloading string in the status area to use more appropriate sizes instead of just kb - [ml_downloads] Fixed potential crash on load - [ml_history/local/pmp] Button sizing tweaks for lang packs (also centred Clear Search button text in ml_local) - [ml_history] Added a 'Play Offset' column with right-click option to clear - [ml_history] Fixed database reset not working - [ml_history] New options for resuming playback (for podcasts or all files) - [ml_local/plg/impex] Limit the "View/Display tracks..." messages to 40 chars for artist/album/title - [ml_local] Added "No rating" string to the Edit Metadata dialog - [ml_local] Added Is Podcast, Podcast Channel, BPM & Rating fields to Ctrl E metadata editor - [ml_local] Artwork view improvements based on tester feedback - [ml_local] Changed root node back to a Simple view - [ml_local] Fixed 'clear library' not working - [ml_local] Fixed integer overflow issue from the realsize changes for upper panes (5.64-specific) - [ml_local] Hide 'Generate Playlist' button if ml_plg not present - [ml_local] Info Pane now hidden by default - [ml_nowplaying] Added 'Prefs' item to right-click menu for opening Online Services config - [ml_nowplaying] Added support to use an alternative Now Playing service (that supports the Winamp js API / config in ml_online prefs) - [ml_online] Fixed deleted services still showing in Setup subscribed list - [ml_online] New 'Service Management' context menu - [ml_playlists] Ensure we update on user edits as well as now playing updates - [ml_playlists] Fixed 'Import playlist from file' not working if relevant lang pack string is missing - [ml_plg] Extra param checks to deal with failing files... I hope my work was useful and using Polish version of Winamp was the best experience... (PM is accepted..) I´m not interested in making it public, just for my peace of mind (yes I´m selfish, if you take my candy I NEED to know why!

- Localization optimizations (ml prefs parenting, load failure fixes, load time speedups, dsp plugin selection fix, security issues) - Misc changes to File Types & Classic Skins option pages - New "Send feedback" url's (Help menu & Uninstaller) - Plug-in API changes for in, ml & pmp plug-ins to remove duplicate processing & messages being sent on loading (backwards compatible with older plugins) - Preserve the last artwork selection on the Alt 3 dialog - Remember last playlist type selected when saving playlists (no longer need to keep changing it from .m3u to .m3u8) - Retry UAC prompt if user has previously selected "No" (should help with failed Pro registrations etc.) - Skin/Lang pack install message localization fix - Tweaked the handling of messages for streams staying in the songticker - Tweaks to ensure volume/panning changes are indicated in the classic skin songticker - Various bug fixes from crash reports - Various fixes with plug-in uninstalling via Prefs pages - Various other misc tweaks/optimizations/fixes - Win XP64 lang pack loading fix - [Bento Browser] Fixed Options-Browser search menu (is now same as Browser Search button menu) - [Bento/Modern skin] Disabled sc-tv button in video window:-( - [enc_fhgaac] Updated Fraunhofer AAC Encoder v3.02.16 - [enc_flac] Fixed crash if cannot be found - [gen_crasher/Reporter] If present, Crash Reporter now works with release builds - [gen_crasher] Added a button to open folder containing if email can't be sent - [gen_crasher] Auto append Winamp GUID to email title - [gen_crasher] Changed default smtp email address - [gen_crasher] Moved prefs item to bottom of tree - [gen_ff/wasabi] Crash fixes from received crash reports (vis playlist script error related stuff) - [gen_ff] Added a 125% scaling option - [gen_ff] Added a setting to control the show/hide time for docked toolbars - [gen_ff] Direct wheel mouse support for the Font Mapper slider in Prefs - [gen_ff] Fix crash if the main window is hidden when the main window is in windowshade mode (and possibly normal mode as well) - [gen_ff] Fixed buffer size issue with some localizations - [gen_ff] Fixed crash due to loading the wrong gen_ff prefs window (trying to load the modern version when using a classic skin) - [gen_ff] Hide the colorthemes prefs tab if a modern skin isn't loaded - [gen_ff] Made text in new dropdowns on Prefs pages visible when too long - [gen_ff] Revamped the "Modern Skins" Prefs pages - [gen_hotkeys/Winamp] Prefs loading behaviour fix - [gen_jumpex] Enqueue and play adjusts (oops! " haha) 05 - The download page says "and associated services will no longer be available.." does it mean Mac and Android version won´t be available too? (from an Android phone "" only shows me the "Winamp for Mac" version..) 06 - ...

) - [gen_jumpex] Error checking fix; fixed incorrect version info in the resource; window postioning fixes - [gen_jumpex] Fixed 'Jump to File' window not always visible when pressing 'J' or 'F3' manage) is enabled - [gen_jumpex] Fixed queue display not working properly in the main playlist editor - [gen_jumpex] Fixed reported icon pack association issues - [gen_jumpex] Fixed search results option in Prefs - [gen_jumpex] Fixed some quirks with icon packs and installing Winamp updates - [gen_jumpex] Fixed various gui / display issues - [gen_jumpex] High/Custom DPI compatibility changes - [gen_jumpex] Improved unloading time - [gen_jumpex] tweaked a prefs message fixed icon pack stuff not working on XP - [gen_ml/ml_disc] Color theme change fixes - [gen_ml/ml_local/playlists] Drag Drop handling tweaks - [gen_ml/ml_local] Misc buffer fixes - [gen_ml] Added a Restart Winamp message (for relevant prefs changes to take effect) - [gen_ml] Remove 'virtual' ml plug-ins from showing on the ml plug-ins list e.g. (thinking) 07 - Will this be shamefully left as a mistery like the previous buy from AOL was?

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