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It is on display at the Bullock Dillman Museum in Angol, Chile.American naturalist, Dillman Samuel Bullock Lytle (1878-1971), excavated in that part of Chile (Arauco) during the mid XX century and uncovered funerary urns that were different to those used by the local Mapuche people (Huilliche) and whose size indicated a very small race.

Whatever the outcome of these debates—which I review briefly below—it is clear that the dog had reached further than any other domesticated plant or animal by the time Columbus crossed the Atlantic in 1492 and thereby paved the way for that large-scale exchange of plants, animals, microbes, and people that Alfred Crosby (), dogs were nevertheless already global in their overall distribution long before that exchange got underway.

In South America, for example, the earliest well-attested instances of their presence do not reach back much beyond 3000 cal.

BC, and dogs were still absent from large parts of the continent—Amazonia, the Gran Chaco, and much of the Southern Cone—at European contact.

When they arrived there they came across a race of “small people”, which he named Kofkeche.

Perhaps the two-headed statue was made by the Kofkeche instead of the Mapuche? Below is an image of the statue: This statue (which may be two people hugging instead of a bicephalic person) reminded me of something that I had read and discarded as a hoax. At home with the Patagonians: a year's wanderings over untrodden ground from the straits of Magellan to the Rio Negro.