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We performed MR analysis to assess the association between each adiposity trait and CRC using summary statistics from the CRC GWAS, and the published effect size of the adiposity-related trait on CRC.

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What would happen after they find out, and what will happen when Ichigo finally comes for Orihime? History is rewritten as the descendants of the Otsutsuki clan are finally all gathered onto one team. After a year of being King of the Ghost Zone Danny finds a bag of glowing Chess pieces.

Find out in this fic that comes from the same mind that brought you Reincarnated Love. What happens when this son emerges from shadows and challenges world. Total Drama is about to be cancelled until Vlad Masters decides to help the show make another season. Every night he watches their last moments in the Nasty Burger explosion. Now he has to deal with an entire supernatural world he did not know existed.

Due to this new revelation they decide to send Danny to Gravity Falls, Oregon for the summer in order to have a nice, relaxing, ghost free summer. What if Naruto took his story more seriously and Kakashi trained his team properly. Most importantly, how would this affect Naruto and his story? Indra and Ashura never looked each other eye to eye.

What better place to have a completely normal summer than Gravity Falls. Even after they died, their chakra transmigrated in their descendants of Senju and Uchiha Clan.

Luminous Academy', where strange things are happening.

"Accelerator and Misaka Mikoto wake up in a forest, after their fight.

Naruto: Strong, Smart, Strategic, Sensitive, Caring Naruto has always been known as the loudmouth idiot prankster from hell.

Masashi Kishimoto does, and my pictures are from google images Dipper and Mabel aren't normal, being the twin children of Serafall Leviathan doesn't help.

Join Tsuna as he is once again thrust into the cruel hands of faith, who just loves to fuck with him, and tries to navigate this new world with some enexpected help at his side. Tsunami was adopted by Natasha after being abandoned by her parents who favoured her twin sister, Tsuru, more.

Summary: At the age of only four years old, a young Naruto Uzumaki is chased out of the village hidden in the leaves. When her Uncle Clint is brainwashed by Loki she wants to help free him.