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In this article I will talk a bit about the deflate compression method.A compression method used throughout the whole internet and probably the most used compression algorithm today. GZIP itself is a file format, not a compression method. It consists of a binary header and afterwards the actual compressed data.The most common tool we use is adsutil.vbs, which is included in the IIS installation This troubleshooter will help you to configure compression & identify common reasons why IIS compression may not work in IIS6 and IIS 7.x Determining if compression is working The only way of determining whether the IIS server sent a compressed response is by analyzing a network trace of the client request/server response.

Useful for encoding blocks that are already encoded. If this is the case, you might have stumbled onto either a new kind of deflate format or an error in the file.

This material is provided for informational purposes only. Enabling HTTP Compression for your IIS6/7 web applications is one way of increasing site performance.

Unfortunately IIS admin GUI doesn't expose many of the compression properties needed to fully administer it. So it is important to note that to configure http compression to its full extent you'll need to edit the using a tool other than the IIS Manager.

(where L stands for length, and D stands for distance) An example: ’ string).

How this is incorporated into deflate we will see later on. It basically boils down to this: the characters most used in the original file, gets the least amount of bits inside the compressed file.