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Dating someone who shares the same last name as me is not entirely “easy” as you can imagine.Some people thought I was posting photos of myself with my brother on Instagram, others have seemed to assume were just cousins.”) couples, introduced me to John Mercurio, half of a John couple in Washington, D. It’s easy—and apparently endlessly humorous—for their friends to refer to “the Johns,” for example.And Michael and Michael used “The Michaels” on the return address of their wedding invitations. ” As if I’m hers, and he’s mine, and everyone should have one. As a toddler, my goddaughter dubbed us Mark and “another one Mark” (now abbreviated to “’nother-Mark”).It’s stories like this—homonymous marriage sowing family discord, good Christian names doubly defiled (around the Christmas tree, no less)—that may justify the anti-equality fervor of social conservatives.

Or they think they’ve misheard—“Wait, which of you is Mark?” Then, fearing their misunderstanding reveals homophobia (or worse, an overfamiliarity with . Jon Paul and Juan Pablo have learned to wait patiently for Of course, homonymous relationships have advantages, too.When people meet Jon Paul and his husband—wait for it—Juan Pablo, they either get it right away (and assume the joke’s on them) or suffer a painfully delayed “Hang on … Kathryn Hamm, president of Gay, the nuptial website for same-sex (“and same-name! brightly points out that homonymy simplifies as many situations as it complicates.The vintage chant of anti-equality protesters—“Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! Like all the most subtly pernicious threats, the phenomenon of same-name couples is itself nameless.Instead of “the love that dares not speak its name,” how about “the love that speaks it twice?And anyway, even simple descriptions aren’t always so simple. The mother of a friend of ours regularly interrupts him to ask “ Holidays, and the inter-family gatherings they occasion, pose particular hardships to homonymous couples.