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Horn starts this fight out with a good, solid slam. The rounds get better as the fight progressed, with Horn getting numerous takedowns throughout. Shungo Ohyama: Ohyama showboats and gets taken down by Gracie. The fighters are eventually stood up by the referee, thank God. Ohyama lands one good kick, but that's about all there is to speak about as he slowly starts to take over the fight. The announcers repeatedly apologized during Horn/Yvel for the fight being boring.

Dating in the dark side

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Although this type of puppy love may actually happen for some students, the reality is much more complicated and violent for a significant percentage of adolescents and young adults at American schools and universities. “We have unhealthy relationships that end up in murder,” says Christina Escobar, director of Love Is Respect, a non-profit organization dedicated to building healthy relationships.

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“The vast majority of schools don’t have a protocol to respond to an incident of dating abuse,” says Jagidsh Khubchandani, who is an assistant professor of community health at Ball State University and author of the study.The pair, who exchanged vows at The Sandals Grande Antigua Resort in Dickenson Bay, will split their time between Nashville and Los Angeles.Morreale’s show, , puts three guys and three women into a house together, but they don’t meet until they’re introduced in a pitch-dark room.Our second installment on sexual violence prevention can be found here, and our third installment on sexual assault investigations can be found here.When you think of teens and young adults in their first romantic relationships, the image of fresh-faced kids holding hands and experiencing their first kiss often come to mind. adolescents is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner, and 43% of dating college women report experiencing violent and abusive dating behaviors, including physical, sexual, tech, verbal and controlling abuse.Anne Munch, who is a consultant and was formerly the prosecutor for Denver, Telluride, Colo., and Jefferson County, Colo., says that often the student’s family has modeled unhealthy relationship behavior at home.