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Sebenarnya menurut keterangan KOWAMAS insiden tersebut berlaku berpunca dari tsunami permohonan yang diluluskan dalam tempoh yang singkat luar pada jangkaan sebenar.
rotten debris, which must be washed with blood so that it might seem useful again. Auf ein einziges, tausendfaches: War does not break out.

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Forget finding the perfect wedding dress; newly engaged April has bigger problems to tackle now that her TB is flaring up. So will the nurse want to break things off with her fiancé in order to protect him and his son?“She’s being careful, and she’s trying to be smart about things,” the actress hedges.

Thus the Spanish conqueror Cortez, when landing in Mexico with a small force who had good reason to fear their capacity to repel attack from the far more numerous Aztecs, removed the risk that his troops might think their way into a retreat by burning the ships on which they had landed.

Of course, if all of the soldiers reason this way—as they all apparently the outcome in which the battle is lost.

Of course, this point, since it has occurred to us as analysts, can occur to the soldiers too.

With retreat having thus been rendered physically impossible, the Spanish soldiers had no better course of action but to stand and fight—and, furthermore, to fight with as much determination as they could muster.

Better still, from Cortez's point of view, his action had a discouraging effect on the motivation of the Aztecs.