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Lindsey Peterson from Scott weighed in on how she met one of her closest friends.“We actually tried dating for a little while but it didn’t work out,” Peterson said. DON’T stiff your date with the bill We live in the 21st century where it is perfectly acceptable for a woman to ask a man out.

I’m still a firm believer though that the asker should also be the payer.

Side note: Arriving late with a text or call gets you one pass, but only one.

DON’T show up under-dressed Unless it is clear to both parties that said date is super casual, such as a kayaking trip, dress the part.

Anne Falgout from Abbeville had a date fill her in on where he stood on their relationship in a very odd way.“I went out with this guy in college.

We were at a friend’s house watching a movie with her and her boyfriend,” Falgout said.

However, once you have their attention, it’s often worth it. Times have changed, if a woman wants to ask a man out, it’s totally acceptable. So no matter your gender or sexual preference, put yourself out there and take a risk. DO keep an open mind As we get older, we start to narrow our criteria for what we’re looking for in another person.

I got stuck in traffic and got there 45 minutes late.I once had a guy ask me out several times before finally agreeing to go to dinner.He picked the restaurant, ordered a bottle of wine, a few appetizers, entrees, dessert ...I’ve heard a few conversations that have gone like this: Friend: “So-and-so seems to really like you. We all have a fear of rejection but the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward.He keeps talking about how awesome you are.”Me: “Well, I’d consider going to dinner with them.”Friend: “Oh, they’re never going to ask you out. High quality, self-respecting people require some effort from the pursuant to gain their attention.Even though I felt terrible and apologized, he had already received the signal that I wasn’t that interested.