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There’s a school of thought that wearing white attracts light energy and bright spirits.
In ‘olden times’, you had to leave your house, or be set up, look in the back of the newspaper/magazine or use a dating agency.

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says technological progress is a great propellant in poverty reduction.

He calls on the private sector, including small businesses, to join hands with policy-makers in bridging the income gap.

Mạng xã hội ngày nay trở thàng công cụ marketing online và SEO không thể thiếu cho bất cứ doanh nghiệp tổ chứ online nào.

Nhưng để biết được thứ hạng cũng như số lượng người dùng vào những mạng xã hội nào để có sự đầu tư hợp lý thì không phải ai cũng biết.

Regulators hit the headlines in Latin America, its all-go in India, U. operators focus on content, and the rumour mill turns in Europe.

The newswires have been relatively quiet in Total Telecom's part of the world this week, doubtless due in part to the post-Mobile World Congress recovery period.

Countries that are investing in both digital technology and its analog complements will reap significant dividends, while others are likely to fall behind.

Get the latest Michigan Local News, Sports News & US breaking News."I hope that the private sector initiative will help to spread the Internet and spread knowledge around the world.It's clear that government, the private sector and the international community have a lot to do to meet the challenge of Internet access to meet the challenge of spreading information around the world.According to the World Development Report 2016: Digital Dividends, launched in India today, the aggregate impact of digital technologies has fallen short and is unevenly distributed.Therefore, greater efforts must be made by countries across the world to connect more people to the internet to create an environment that unleashes the benefits of digital technologies for everyone.own a mobile phone and digital technologies are spreading rapidly.