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The site had very low rainfall, forcing the Chattos to design a garden that would thrive in dry conditions.The core of the original garden was built around unusual plants, unfamiliar to many British gardeners.The Beth Chatto Garden was begun in 1960 on a faily level site just east of Colchester.Beth Chatto and her husband Andrew built a house on wasteland owned by the Chatto family farm.

The only plants that survive from the earliest days are the ancient boundary oaks surrounding the Garden.

Today Beth Chatto, 94, still lives in the white house in the midst of the Gardens.

She continues to work with her team on developing the Gardens, and can often be seen out in her mobility scooter.

Gravel Garden If you've ever wondered what to plant in extremely poor soil, here's your answer; drought-resistant plants that are never watered, yet manage to thrive.

Here the emphasis is on a garden of form and foliage to create year-round interest no matter what the weather.