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Nick Kurt Dale, to use their corporate sobriquet, hire employees, get the production line up and running. Previously on Horrible Bosses, Kevin Spacey killed Colin Farrell, making this sequel the rare terrible movie in which a certain Irish scallywag doesn’t even get the chance to appear.And then Waltz cancels the order, leaving them 0K in debt and vulnerable to a hostile takeover. might it allow for a passing nod to the office-kidnapping comedy Nine to Five? Spacey pops up ranting behind bars; Jamie Foxx is visited a few times in some ratty dive bar; and neither have anything even lightly amusing to say or do. Meanwhile, the contortions required to embroil Jennifer Aniston in the plot would probably defeat Houdini, but here she is, back again as a sex-mad dentist hellbent on yanking everyone’s trousers down.As such, it treats women, and especially Aniston's character, in familiar ways -- either ignored or openly maligned. Julia is one of the villains, but her male counterparts are given some excuse for their awful behavior, however feeble: Pellit's is drug-fueled and Harken's, in large part, is spurred on by his faithless wife (Julie Bowen). Horrible Bosses offers no context or motivation for her sexual aggression, which extends beyond harassing Dale to victimizing patients and betraying other women.While it's implied that she's been harassing him for some time, Julia goes into overdrive when she learns Dale is now engaged to sweet, but vapid, Stacy (Lindsay Sloane).

Finally reaching their breaking points, the friends decide that, the economy being what it is, their only options are prostitution or murder. Of course, Nick, Kurt, and Dale are "good guys", driven to their brinks by utterly awful bosses.

These three are stuck in a sequel with a sole and blatant reason to exist, which is that the first one did quite well.

They know it, we know it, and they know that we know it.

Predictably, as they take his advice, they discover their own inner horribleness.

Their ineptitude as killers is indeed comical and revealed in some genuinely surprising ways.